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I me and my i phone … AND BRANDLUST

July 30, 2009

I do not own an iphone. The iphone that I do not own is not black, nor is it white. It is not 3G nor is it 3GS. Its most likely a 3GI as per the onion’s take on it. Its screen is as blank as can be and never lights up when my friends […]

Ok Ok

July 25, 2009

I know, I know … its been what, almost twenty days since I graced this blog with my fingerprints (that was supposedly a clever allusion to the fact that we use our fingerprints to type – for those who did not get it). Well, I just finished a week of nights at work, and the […]

A difference in perspective

July 8, 2009

Picture this. Me and my other half, sitting in a japanese restuarant. Enjoying a japanese meal. She is watching me deftly manouvre a pair of chopsticks. Flicking bits of rice into my mouth with displays of dexterity that would put a neurosurgeon to shame. She asks me … who taught u to use the chopsticks […]

On procastrination

July 6, 2009

I ll write more tomorrow…..


July 5, 2009

There are around six unfinished posts in the Drafts section of this blog. Yet another proof of my never ending (unsuccessful) quest to put meaningful things out here. The first one is a quasi philosophical rant/rave about the value of doing anything that is not economically productive. Like for example, reading a book. Any book. […]