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Archive for August 2009

The evolution of a Punjabi Folk Song

August 22, 2009

While we are on this topic, I thought a few of my readers might be interested in this. From this version rendered into beautiful music by Shaukat Ali To this And then to this (embedding has been disabled I am afraid for this one. will open in a new window) —– Would you call […]

Knowledge, etymology and epistemiology — A review of Love Aaj Kal

August 22, 2009

So I was wondering the other day, if one had knowledge of etymology, would you know the etymology of knowledge … Not necessarily, unless the knowledge of etymology be exhaustive to the extreme eh. But all that apart … I just came back from watching this hindi movie that has been making some waves all […]

How cool is that!!!

August 7, 2009

today, at 1234 hours and 56 seconds, the clock read 1234 hours, 56 seconds on the 7th of the 8th of the 9th. How many times in a century does that happen eh!!!

Change vs Rate of Change …

August 6, 2009

I had an epiphany today … about how the rate of change is always more important than change itself. But let me start from the beginning … since the beginning is always a good place to start from. I am a foodie.  That in a way is not a bad thing in itself, but it […]