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Archive for September 2009

District 9

September 12, 2009

I will probably do a detailed review at a later date once I have mulled over the movie a bit more. But if you havent seen this movie. Go see it. Advertisements


September 6, 2009

Fo thanf to all the hype, I drove 3 hourf yefterday and went to watch this fo called blockbufter. Kaminey. Meaning thofe without a confifenfe. Like thofe who recommended thif movie to me. Yefff … I am talking about you, you and you … you know who you are and retribution if going to vifit […]

Digging up the cadavers

September 4, 2009

And yet again, I have reached a point where I am fed up with my inability to post regulary here. Where the graveyard of ideas, that is my draft box, is brimming over with posts half completed and then left to languish there in the dark corners of the internet … One of them explores […]