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Who am I ???

A celebration of self delusion. Thats what I am. I think the concept of identity is the biggest self delusion that mankind suffers from.

Let me elaborate … and for the more “pragmatic” minded of my readers, I d recommend you stop reading right now.

Human beings are elaborate machines designed to battle the second law of thermodynamics. We are open thermodynamical systems that take in solar energy and use it to reverse the entropy arrow in our physiological systems. Of course, no body can do this for ever, so our elaborate DNA coded machines gradually wear out and we grow old and die. But in the 7-9 decades that most of us live, we are constantly taking outside energy and materials and using them to repair and replace that what constitutes us.  Our skin renews itself totally in around 2-4 weeks and the same is true for all the other parts of the body as well. So what constitutes me today, will definitely not be in me in a years time.

On a mental plane, the beliefs, memories and attitudes that define my personality are constantly changing as well. And the best bit is that even the individual is not constantly aware of these changes in real time. They become apparent only on introspection or when challenged by a situation where in the response of the individual is different from the one he/she had expected.

Similarly, our thought process evolve in time. My  views on any given topic might be very different to what they were ten years ago.

So what is this “me” that I look at in the mirror every morning. This “me” that those around me know and cherish/ hate or re indifferent to.

Pondering time


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