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One of my enduring memories from childhood reading is a passage from Richard Feynmanns book “Surely you must be joking Mr. Feynmann”.  In one chapter, he describes how he “speaks Italian” and “Chinese”—inventing completely made-up but accurate sounding languages. And to his immense amusement(and mine), even native speakers of these languages would more often than not fall into his trap, asking him if he came from some other province of italy where they spoke with a different accent

It has always been a source of wonder for me how a collection of sounds/marks on paper that seem meaningless to those not schooled in that particular language can become the medium for communication amongst those who speak/read these languages. As a corollary, I had always wondered how english/punjabi/hindi would sound to me if I was not well versed in these tounges.

Well … this guy solved my problem …

An italian rock artist performs a meaningless song that imitates the memes and sounds of the English language.





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