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Random stuff

Hello world, Its been more than six months since I posted anything here. And yet it feels like yesterday.

Time passes in a relative way,though 0ne second at a time. I wonder if anyones done any work on the rate of time passage. It sets itself up in a recursive loop since time generally is a universal denominator in all equations used to determine rates of passage.

I am finding it difficult to write much in this post. It feels as if the writing gears in my head are all clogged up. I plan on using this disjointed post to gently shake them free.

*shake shake shake shake shake*

That didnot feel very gentle though.

Its raining outside again.

It seems as if the weather gods have got a malfunctioning GPS. This is monsoon time in bombay – not in London. (with apologies to my 2 week old self who put this up on facebook as his status)

I need to go out and do some grocery shopping. Else the wife will kill me.

I am sick.


Man-flu is a very british term. Never heard it being used before. It encompasses the malaise of flu and the clinginess to mothers/girlfriends/wives that develops in men when they are down with flu. I like the description. Man flu.

Feed a cold and starve a fever – I was told that the hunger pangs that one feels when having flu are due to the fact that swallowed snot irritates the lining of the stomach. Who knows if that is true or not, but does sound plausible.

I am also due to start a staycation. Thats when u have time off, but no money to go anywhere on a holiday. So thats me … on a staycation.

Lots of plans to accomplish goals on this staycation. Only time will tell what I manage to accomplish.

I need to buy a phone though.

I need to do a lot of paperwork.

Some books to read. ( Hofstaders GEB, Gibbons Decline n fall of the roman empire – into its third year now)

Some TV to watch.

Oh – that reminds me…I bought a TV. For the first time in eight years … I have let Rupert Murdoch into my living room. I still have my misgivings,but atleast I have a happy wife.

I feel tired. I am sick (vide supra).

Until we meet again.

Dr. Jedi.


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