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Blessed are the cracked, for they let in the light.


Another three month hiatus, though having said that, atleast its only half of what it was the last time.

Am I busy, or is it general burnout. I mean, I have been putting up stuff on the blog for more than a couple of years now, but my input has been tailing off of late. I guess time will tell …

What do i write about today though …

There is so much and yet so little.

I ll muse about some books then.

I have been reading Godel Escher Bach by Douglas Hofstaeder.

I have been reading it on the commute, ever since I stopped driving to work. Paradoxically, it does cost more, but gives me time to read … stuff that I wouldnt do while sitting at home.So I decided to park my  car for now, and take the tube to go to work. If I may digress a little, how utterly crappy is it that in the “Green” city of London, it costs more to use the public transport than to use the car to commute to work. In this day and age when petrol prices top a quid per litre and then some.  Boris Johnson – u listening … though even if someone did pay heed to my rant, they would probably up the price of petrol rather than reduce the exorbitant price one has to pay to use public transport over here. Bah. I mean, if I were to compare it to Rome, its a pittance compared to what we have to pay here.
Oh well … such is life … digression over.

Back to GEB.

Well, its a funny sort of book. It is supposed to be about consciousness and artifical intelligence and how self awareness arises out of self reference a la Godels theorum etc but takes a very roundabout way to get to its core premise. However, I find a lot of pleasure following the author on this meandering path as  he  explores similarities between different disciplines.  The author writes these entertaining dialogues between Achilles and the Tortoise to paraphrase the upcoming technical discussion in the next chapter.  These dialogues form linguistic parallels to the logical/mathematical discussions that follow.

In a way, I resent not having read this book while I was in my teens. It has the potential of being paradigm shifting in a way …

On the downside, I was pondering the other day … how does reading this book and knowing about Godels theorum and Cantorian diagonals make me a better person. Or a better doctor at that. What is the value addition that this book brings to my life as opposed to say having spent the same amount of time listening to Radio 4 while driving to work …


Questions gallore …





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