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Six monthly update –

So, its been another six months with no posts here. But what an eventful six months these have been.
Cant put down the details here, but rest assured that I have not been whiling away my time.

Life moves fast, too fast at times and the speed is complicated by feelings of detachment or even apathy towards the happenings.

Been to the mother ship, my father had bilateral TKRs. Eventful. Realised that even though operative care in the developing world is fast catching up with the developed, the post operative care lags by millenia. The concept of post operative pain relief is non existent pretty much.  That was an interesting three weeks. Thank Providence/God (choose your poison) that he is all good now and walks pretty much normal …

The past six months have also seen me and a group of residents of the area I live in engage in a battle with the beaurocracy and repeatedly get blocked inspite of overwhelming democratic support. Weber called beaurocracy the backbone of modern civilisation, perhaps even the raison d‘être of civilisation. I dont say that this is untrue, but that which lives by beaurocracy, shall also die by beaurocracy. God save these beaurocratic souls, they get so many evil vibes day in and day out thanks to a total depersonalisation of their decisions. Protocols and guidelines gallore with nary a thought spared for the poor homo sapiens at the other end of their decisions. Perhaps, they should create a new subspecies for this kind of people. Homo sapiens beaurocratalis! Hah! But it aint over until its over. Watch this space.

Its moving time too. Having lived in around 10 different cities in the last 1o years, its time to move again. And this time, its time to move continents too. God knows how I will ever settle down. The wanterlust shows no signs of dying out. At all. So come the end of this month, I will pack up my bags (already in progress actually), load them up on a plane and fly fly away little birdie. Exciting times ahead. Anticipation mixed with apprehension. Call it Anticihension if you will. Arent we in a creative mood today.

Also discovered , online entertainment gallore.

On that note, I will wind up here and go surf reddit.




One Response to “Six monthly update –”

  1. Hope you take the baton and keep me entertained with regular blog updates of your experiences. Looking forward to reading them,


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