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September 20, 2011

Hello, Another three month hiatus, though having said that, atleast its only half of what it was the last time. Am I busy, or is it general burnout. I mean, I have been putting up stuff on the blog for more than a couple of years now, but my input has been tailing off of […]

“Those who cannot learn from history are condemned to repeat it” OR “My culinary misadventures”

May 23, 2010

And yet again today we had the privilege of paying money to eat food that turned out to be fatty,greasy, unhealthy to say the least and horribly overpriced at that. The said placeĀ  was situated on the terraces of a reputed harbor town and ranked highly on internet reviews that I checked before going there […]

I me and my i phone … AND BRANDLUST

July 30, 2009

I do not own an iphone. The iphone that I do not own is not black, nor is it white. It is not 3G nor is it 3GS. Its most likely a 3GI as per the onion’s take on it. Its screen is as blank as can be and never lights up when my friends […]